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Q: What about immigration in an independent Scotland?

Q: What about immigration in an independent Scotland?Passport-control-sign-010

A: At the outset, the immigration system would be similar to what exists now, and it would then of course depend on who was elected as the Scottish Government as to what changes would be introduced.

However, we can expect this Scottish Government to propose an immigration system that best suits Scotland’s particular circumstances and needs.

Yes Scotland believes that UK immigration policy is not appropriate for Scotland. For example, our Universities are critical of restrictions on student visas which are harming their ability to recruit and retain the brightest students and academics from around the world.

Attracting younger workers is also part of the current Scottish Government’s policy for tackling demographic change and an ageing population.

Similarly, the Scottish Parliament has regularly been critical of UK policies on asylum such as detention and ‘dawn raids’ but without powers over immigration and asylum, cannot put an alternative system in place.

There will not be border controls between Scotland and the rest of the UK or Ireland – these countries already operate a common travel area.

Border between Netherlands & Belgium

Other controls will operate as they do now, but future immigration policy would be decided in Scotland, subject to respect for EU rules on free movement, which as EU citizens the people of Scotland would also be able to benefit from.

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