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Scots Asians For Yes is a grass root campaign made of members from the Asian sub-continent, from cross parties and no party, with one aim in common, working towards an independent country.

For all media related enquiries, please contact:

Nighet Riaz:

Our media spokespersons are:

Aamer Anwar 

Cllr Shabbar Jaffri

Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh

Irfan Rabbani

If you would like to send us your blogs or stories that you think are relevant to the YES campaign and the Asian community, please contact:

Marc Conaghan :

Nighet Riaz : or for more details 

Our Youth Officer is:

Assad Khan

You can also find us at :


Thank you to Tahir Mohammed for setting up the wordpress site and social media for Scots Asians for Yes to an Independent Scotland

6 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Hello there,
    I’m a member of the SNP Branch in the Carse of Gowrie between Dundee and Perth and wondered if you have any members who would be available to come and help us run a few “Roadshows” in the Carse in the New Year, preferably that they live nearby.
    We need to let the voters know it’s just not the SNP who are campaigning and this would perk up the weary workers who have had it all on their shoulders.
    If you know of anyone can they contact Dr John Hulbert (past provost of Perth and retired GP) at “”
    We’d love to hear from you.

    Yours for Scotland
    Val Beveridge

    • Thank you Valerie

      I will pass your message along to other members and hopefully we can organise some roadshows/events with you. Thank you for the contact details.

      Kind regards

      Nighet Riaz

  2. Ann Millar

    I am not Asian, but I am, like you proud of our nation. I found your blog by searching for some positive feedback on Independence, as I’m frankly fatigued by the vast amount of negative publications on the web. I felt I had to write and congratulate you on such a well rounded and positive piece. You are correct that, regardless of how we came to be in Scotland, we are all part if the same family, with the same aim of peace, prosperity, and equality and we are right to be proud of our achievements if the past 2 years, and of the fantastic future we can build together.

  3. Dear Scots Asians for Yes,

    I hope you won’t mind me contacting you to say what an inspiration your group has been and to ask you to consider keeping on going. The way that you have come together as a group, regardless of your various differences in religion, culture, language and origin, the way that you have taken on a label as ‘Asians’ and used that along with your idenity of Scots has made a profound impression on me. More than most other groups, you have faced risks as you declare your support for independence.

    The No campaign and the mainstream media have used the rhetoric of “pride” in the stereotypes of Scottishness that they broadcast. Scots are supposed to be “proud” when in fact we are traditionally suspicious of pride and don’t feel comfortable with it. In the old days pride was a sin.

    We prefer love to pride.

    So I hope that you won’t mind me saying how much I love you. To hear your voices, to see your faces, to know that you have chosen to be Scottish, to add your beauty, creativity and intelligence to Scotland, gives me real confidence for the future. We can build a country based on love and respect. Thank you for being part of us.

    John Campbell

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