ARY News Special Scottish Referendum

Last night, a Pakistani based media news channel broadcasted a programme around the views of Scots Asians and the Scottish Referendum which takes place later this week, Thursday 18 September. The programme was ARY News Special and transmitted at 9.05pm on the ARY News Channel.

I am writing this post as a concerned individual who sees herself with a Pakistani heritage but who was born in England and resides in Scotland.

I am extremely disappointed in the comment made by Mr Amin Mirza, a business owner in and around Glasgow who stated that the

“Yes vote will mean a racist Scotland as Scots are illiterate and not as educated as English”.

I have highlighted this as totally unacceptable and want the Labour Party/ Better Together campaign to retract this statement made by a card carrying member of their party and friend of Anas Sarwar. Knowing that this statement was made whilst manning a stall in the most ethnically diverse wards in Scotland is appalling and undermines decades of work done to welcome citizens of the world to Scotland.

Scots Asians for Yes are part of a broad campaign which is inclusive of all stratas of society and we reject in all totality the statement that was made by Mr Mirza and want the Labour Party to issue an unequivocal apology for the distress caused to all who listened to the programme and the views of its members.


N N Riaz


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