Inspiration for building a fairer society

Below are some statuses I have unashamedly copied from my good friend and brother Irfan Rabbani  as they touch a cord that all grassroot activists will be feeling – those of us who have worked tirelessly over the last nearly two years. irfanrabbani (1)

“As many of my facebook friends are sons and daughters of immigrants i thought I’d share something with those of that background who missed it last night. One of best statements of campaign to date. Humza Yousaf along lines of following
Our parents came to a new land not knowing in every certainty necessarily what they would find. However they came in hope in search of improving their and our lives. They aimed for better…in essence that is what is at stake here. We dont have every answer but we STRIVE with hope for better. A better life, and a fairer more just society.
Our elders took that bold step for us their children…let us take a bold step for our children.
It might also be worth noting they made that decision for themselves. In essence all we are doing with a YES vote is giving ourselves the right to make our decisions ourselves.”


“For those who haven’t for whatever reason haven’t/couldn’t till now – it’s fine…there are legends who have devoted years, some a lifetime..use what they have done to energise you. With less than 7 days to go they have given you, us the opportunity to make history. Let’s get out there and make it happen with everything, anything we can do. A street, a few neighbours, anything. This is the people’s time…show the politicians who this is about: the people…For once a political movement HAS been about the people.
THE YES campaign has been about the people…no has been about and continues to be about the self serving.
Let justice be done…and help it be so”


“Be bold be brave be fearless be undettered by scaremongering. ..BE YES”




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