Yes Scotland at Chand Raat, Albert Drive & Hungama, Strathclyde Park

It has been a very busy week indeed with a hugely successful ‘Chand Raat’ event where we had a great number of women present showing their support for independence with Tasmina,  brother Shabbar and myself. A big thank you to Councillor Shabbar Jaffri for organising the stall for Yes Scotland.



On Friday, we ran a small stall on Albert Drive and were delighted to have Irfan Rabbani join us with his saltire waving grandweans, who were kind enough to help supervise and advise on how the participation sheet needed to be filled in.


I had the pleasure of canvassing and running stalls over the last 18 months on a number of occasions with Councillors Jaffri and Hanif 10577021_10152622211873767_2668725575372602478_nand today we were joined by Councillor Hanif’s niece as we enjoyed the very Scottish weather!  Sarah is a very passionate and articulate young woman who is greatly concerned about what the future holds for Scotland. It was a highlight of my stall event talking to such an intelligent and inquiring mind. Independence is the first step to a long process to shaping how we wish our country to look. It is amazing at how incredible some of the young people I have met on  my Yes journey!

The weather ranged from high gusts of wind, to bright bursts of sunshine, very nearly losing our stall to the elements and requiring securing on more than 3 separate occasions in a 5 hour period! A big thanks to brother Elijas for literally supporting the stall!


At one point the Better Together stall managed to lose its roof as illustrated in the picture below!bt

We were joined by several activists and elected representatives throughout the day.

Councillor Jahangir Hanif has been a member of the SNP since the 1970’s and was one of the first members of the SNP Scots Asians for
Independence, which was set up by the late Bashir Ahmad MSP. Jahangir became more politically active in the 1990’s and has served as a councillor in the Glasgow City Council for the last two terms.

Councillor Shabbar Jaffri has been politically active for a long period and was elected a councillor in the Pollok ward May 2012. He is regularly heard speaking vociferously against injustice, especially in the last few weeks against the high number of civilian deaths in the Israel Gaza conflict.10550990_818555598163494_5075963321432813314_n


A special thank you to Brother Elijas Kasha from the Radical Independence Campaign, Councillor Shabbar Jaffri,  Councillor Jahangir Hanif, Zain Aslam, Rizwan Ramzan, Sarah Malik, Tasmina Sheikh and many others for their help with the Yes Scotland stall today.10013969_10152622211253767_2041787399074342063_n

We had a great response! #TeamYes

N N Riaz


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