The #Yes numbers are swelling as the eyes of the world are upon us

Our Scots Asians for Yes ambassador Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh was in Galiza, northern Spain a couple of days ago
speaking on what we wish to achieve as a progressive forward thinking nation and as you can see from the amazing photograph, we have the well wishes of many other nations who wish us the very best this September.

I will be sharing more about this event over the following blogs.


People young and old, from every background and nationality are coming out to support the Yes vote. Councillor Shabbar Jaffri supporting Yes Pollok, his constituency and Scots Asians for Yes by organising stalls at events and canvassing through Glasgow. Councillor Jahanghir Hanif is  hard at work canvassing his constituents with Councillor Mhairi Hunter in Glasgow Southside, one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse constituencies in Scotland.







The Yes activity is increasing day by day all across Scotland as the vibe is one of hope and of determination to do our best and increase the number of people voting yes. We are so close to our chance of self government on September 18, the day we cast our vote for an independent Scotland.



N N Riaz





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2 responses to “The #Yes numbers are swelling as the eyes of the world are upon us

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  2. I love the House of Many Stairs in the background but the enthusiasm of the multi national crowd shines through in the photograph.

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