Too wee, too poor, too stupid? Don’t think so!

Scotland truly has the capability to be an independent nation. In the last five years every Scottish citizen has been £1600 better off than the UK as a whole.cllrshabjaffri1

For the last 33 years Scotland has generated more tax per head than the rest of the UK Scotland has a lower fiscal deficit than the UK – averaging 7.2% of GDP compared to 8.4% for the UK as a whole over the past five years.

Scotland is the 14th wealthiest nation in the OECD club of developed nations.

Scotland is the top location in the UK for foreign direct investment outside London and the South-East of England. Scotland’s exports total £73.6bn a year EXCLUDING oil production.

Scotland’s food and drink industry turns over more than £13 bn every year.

Our life sciences sector is one of the fastest growing in Europe – the value it adds to Scotland’s economy stood at £960million in 2011, up 9% on 2010.

Manufacturers in Scotland export £15.4bn worth of goods abroad annually.

Scotland’s tourism sector employs almost 200,000 people and contributes £3.1bn to the economy annually.

Scotland has one of the world’s strongest higher education sectors.

Scotland has 60% of the EU’s oil reserves, with the North Sea generating around £34.3bn in the next five years. There remains up to £1.5 trillion wholesale value of oil and gas in the North Sea, with production forecast to continue to the 2050s and beyond.

This is evidence supporting Scotland can become an Independent nation. Don’t let them tell us we can’t. SAY YES TO INDEPENDENCE

Councillor Shabbar Jaffri


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