Scotland: Towards A New Foreign Policy – 7pm, 12 June

With Obama entering the referendum debate, it is clear that Scottish Independence can have profound foreign policy implications.
Independence gives us the chance to break with decades of militarism. This radical independence forum has been brought together to present the case for an alternative foreign policy that puts peace at the top of the agenda and rejects the legacy of war brought about by the US/UK ‘special relationship’.


Professor David Miller
David is the editor of Spin Watch and has edited and authored several books specialising in propaganda, war and corporate power. He has been a regular guest on current affairs programmes discussing such issues.

Jean Urquhart MSP
Jean is a longstanding advocate of nuclear disarmament and has addressed meetings all over Scotland promoting a peaceful vision for Scotland in the international community

Aamer Anwar
Aamer is a leading anti-war spokesperson and human rights lawyer. He has specialised in the areas of Islamphobia and civil liberties

Isobel Lindsay
Isobel is a veteran of the peace movement in Scotland and has written extensively on international relations, Trident and independence

Jonathon Shafi
Jonathon is a co-founder of the Radical Independence Campaign and member of the Scottish Left Review editorial board.

Date: Thursday June 12
Time: 7pm
Venue:  Renfield St Stephens church


Radical Independence Campaign


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