We will be at the Gurdwara, Edinburgh, 14 June

The Gurdwara, Edinburgh will be holding a  Akhand Patt at the Gurdwara RM140301b-13_100013th,14th,15th June on the Saturday 14th  will be having an ‘open day’ workshop event with all their services.

Akhand Patt is the continuous recitation (without any break) of the Guru Granth Sahib from beginning to end, (all 1430 pages,) lasting about 48 hours by a team of readers. This “ritual” is considered a very holy practice and is said to bring peace and solace to the participants and the passive listener of the recitation. During the reading it is tradition for langar (or communal food) to be available at all times, thus requiring the continual service and dedication of those in whose honour the Akhand Patt is being held for.

Manmohan Tagore has been invited to share his perspectives on why he is choosing to vote for independence on Saturday 14th May and will have a Yes Scotand stall at the event. Its also a great opportunity to share and learn about Sikhism and how it revolves around community, volunteering and helping each other.



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