An update from Galashiels and Edinburgh #ActiveYes

A quick update to let you know about the wonderful events I attended on Monday and last night with Nicola Sturgeon headlining. I was DSC_0033representing SAFY / YENL. On Monday I was at a public meeting in Galashiels and last night at the Sikh Sanjog & Punjabi Junction Social Enterprise Project at Thomas Morton Hall.
On Monday 19th I was representing SAFY at a public meeting in Galashiels. Nicola Stugeon was again headlining. They were expecting around 400 people but the final count was 502! The format was similar to the Sikh event but on a much larger scale. I set up my stall alongside The Greens and Business for Scotland. People coming in for the meeting were able to walk around the hall and talk to each of the representatives from the various parts of the YES campaign before the speakers on stage arrived. There were talks from Nicola Sturgeon, Christine Grahame and a prominent Liberal Democrat (I forget his name) followed by a Q&A session. You won’t be surprised to hear that it a was a huge success. I couldn’t find one person after the event who was not convinced of the case for an Independent Scotland.DSC_0032
The first hour was spent in small groups discussing independence. I sat with all the groups talking to as many people as possible and answering their questions and concerns about independence. It was a wonderful way to engage with the sikh community and I was so pleased to be able to meet as many women and young sikhs as I did. The second hour was a Q&A session with Nicola Sturgeon answering questions from the floor. The NO campaign were invited to attend but either could not find anyone willing to give up their time to talk to this community or just did not want to.
What a huge turnaround in voting intentions! At the start of the event I would say most were very undecided and unsure about Independence. At the end virtually everyone agreed they felt much more confident about independence and would be voting YES! People were coming up to me to say they thought that Nicola Sturgeon and YES Scotland had done a brilliant job of answering the questions and providing meaningful information. I passed out my contact details to some of the local community as they said they would like someone local they can talk to if they have further questions. I was only to happy to 1
One lovely young sikh girl, around 17 or 18 years old, admitted that at the start of the campaign she was a campaigner for Better Together but a combination of the relentless negativity from their side and what she had heard tonight had convinced her to become a YES supporter. That made my day.
Moni Tagore


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2 responses to “An update from Galashiels and Edinburgh #ActiveYes

  1. The marvellous thing about the internet is we get to hear of brilliant activities like these which would never get into the media and you would have more chance of hearing about a mountain goat in Tibet giving birth to quintuplets than this major success story coming out of the Scottish Borders – unless of course they were NO Campaign meetings.

    I can’t emphasise too much how beneficial these good news stories are to the thousands of foot soldiers like myself throughout Scotland. they really are heartening. Well played you Borderers and Speakers.

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