My journey to Yes – Promilla Caughey

Although I am relatively new to Scotland I consider myself to be a proud Scottish Asian. I am originally from

promilla caugheyMumbai and moved to Glasgow with my Scottish husband in 2004. After a few years in Scotland, my husband and I moved abroad again for employment and returned to Glasgow in 2013. We now plan to permanently remain in Glasgow and I would dearly love to live in an independent Scotland.

I have had the opportunity of working in various British Embassies overseas marketing the UK as a place to invest and do business in. It was whilst doing this type of work that the idea of Scottish independence was something I started to consider and with my limited experience of life in the UK, wondered why it was something that had not yet been achieved.

I can’t really say I am interested in politics generally but for me, the basic question of whether I would like to see Scotland become independent rises above any political issue or debate. Coming from a country that was under the British rule for years, being independent to govern oneself and to make your own decisions is something I strongly believe in and I don’t understand how anyone would want to defer key decisions that affect them to a parliament in another country.  Surely the people best placed to make decisions on Scotland should be those that actually live here?

I love living in Scotland and love the Scottish culture, the Scottish drive and the ambition. As an “outsider” or at least someone looking at the country with fresh eyes, the potential for Scotland once independent is limitless. I firmly believe there will be more job opportunities, more investment, and more possibilities for the people of Scotland.  I have also decided that on this road to independence, I want to be part of the process that will be remembered as the best thing that has happened to Scotland. Therefore no matter how small my contribution, I will continue to say YES, and tell everyone I know and meet why I am going to say YES come September.


Promilla Caughey



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3 responses to “My journey to Yes – Promilla Caughey

  1. Another good news Asian story for YES. Welcome aboard Promilla and many thanks for your support.

  2. Bidge

    Thank you for the support.

  3. Andrea mini

    Waao!!! Love to see you so active!!! All the best! from the south cone!!

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