A #YES it is as support grows for the referendum amongst Scots Asians

As Moni Tagore ran a successful SAFY stall at the Yes Linlithgow event yesterday with Mr Yousaf Senior, there were Yes Events, Public speaking, Stalls all across Scotland.yeslinlithgow yeslinlithgow1

I decided to drum up some support amongst my own friends, colleagues and business associates up in the Highlands and Islands and Morayshire. It was a great success. The support for independence was very high – it was agreed unanimously that it was time to have a voice in matters that concerned us directly, rather than being diluted through Westminster. It didn’t matter where my husband and I went yesterday, it was a resounding yes, and even those that started as a no, were tentative Yes’s at the end of the visit, with promises to do their homework and just pick up the phone if they wanted more answers.

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Business after business are saying Yes, because they too want a better society for all of us who live in Scotland.

N N Riaz



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6 responses to “A #YES it is as support grows for the referendum amongst Scots Asians

  1. arthur thomson

    As someone who has supported the movement for Scottish independence for 50 years (since I was 17) I would like you to know that it brings me such happiness to know that there are Scots Asians with whom I have a shared dream.

  2. This is very encouraging. Asians are a very successful group in Scotland – indeed, wherever they go. If they say YES, you can bet we are on the right track. Thank You Asia!!

  3. Iain

    Great to see such a brilliant turn-out. I’ll definitely be going to Qismat more often now!

  4. great stuff guys, keep up the good work, let’s prove to the world that Scotland is an inclusive society

  5. Bidge

    Glad to see your support base is still growing. Sorry I never got time to speak with the guys at the Linlithgow event. I was trying to let my boy get his first taste of a rally/ political event and as such let him set the pace, so we ending up spending our time with CND and Scottish Greens.

    It was good to see you guys and all the other groups there though.

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