@YesKelvin are not half bad! Working together to get results.

Another very successful canvassing session across the Woodlands area of Glasgow with YesKelvin and Radical Independence Campaign members. It was a beautiful day – all mixed up with sunshine, clouds, rain and that strange ambiance of freshness and everything being in extra sharp focus.



We were once again joined by Humza Yousaf MSP, Minister for External Affairs and International Development and Tasmina Sheikh, the SNP European Parliamentary candidate, Mr Abdul Majid, the SAFI Convenor, Elias Arshi and Elias Kasha, along with Patrick Grady, Derek Wilson, Graeme Sneddon, Liz, and many more as they joined us as we began our canvassing.

It was lovely to talk to so many folk, who are unsure of what independence means at the beginning of the conversation, who then turn round and think its the only way forward if we wish to progress as a more tolerant and intelligent society.

A special thanks to  Graeme Sneddon and Patrick Grady  in Yes Kelvin who helped organise the canvass today. Your help with putting everything together was invaluable and it was wonderful meeting you. Looking forward to more positive synergies being created as we all move forward on our journey towards independence and shaping our country post September 2014.



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