Which model of governance would you choose?

It’s always interesting when the more militant Unionist (not to be confused with genuinely open minded, undecided Scots) RM140301b-13_1000demands to know the economic case for Independent Scotland given the vast amount of evidence for small, western European countries that do extremely well without handing over control over to England.

I personally find this peculiar as no one has ever provided me with the equivalent rock solid economic case for the United Kingdom! Since Thatcher’s financial reforms there have been consistent boom and bust cycles in the UK followed by what is now known as the Great Recession of 2008 from which we are still recovering. This was pure economic meltdown and it happened on Westminster’s watch. That is the effect of the neo-liberal agenda of the Union and very much the path championed by Westminster Politicians.

It’s clear by now that the Independence movement wants a Social-Democratic Scotland based on similar models such as Norway and Germany as opposed to the Neo-Liberal model of Westminster. If you look at how Norway and Germany managed during the Great Recession there is simply no comparison in terms of which model was shown to work better for the economy, Norway especially. These countries suffered nowhere near as much harm as the UK, yet they are able to provide a much higher standard of living than the UK, lower costs of borrowing, and their economies perform relatively better. Indeed, Germany introduced a level of workplace democracy which we can only dream of in the UK.

So, given the choice, which model would you choose?

Manmohan Tagore


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