Scots Asians for YES Edinburgh update #ActiveYes

RM140301b-14At the start of April, the Scots Asians for Yes Campaign spread to Edinburgh, and the progress and growth of the group has been rapid and very welcome in pushing the momentum forward. There is a core organisational group, with Manmohan Tagore, Irshad Ahmad and Aleem Farooqui at the lead. I asked Moni ( Manmohan for an update and below are the words straight from one of our email exchanges, which captures some of the energy – very positive energy which is emerging as grass root campaigns join and share skills, knowledge and expertise to ensure our undecided voters get our message).

“In terms of news I set up a monthly Q&A session at Costa Coffee in Stockbridge. We had the first one a couple of Saturday’s ago which went really well. I obviously represented SAFY,we also had two lovely ladies from Women for Independence, Jill Murphy from Business from Scotland and Fergus Henderson from YES Edinburgh West. The purpose of it was to reach people in a setting where they want to be rather than heading out in the evening during the week to some community centre, when not everyone can or is willing to do that. It went so well that we have booked a Saturday there each month from now until the referendum.

 I have two more speaking engagements this month. The first is the Linlithgow event on the 18th you made me aware about and the other is an event on the 19th in Galashiels with Nicola Sturgeon talking.

I popped up in this video around the 8 minute mark, discussing my experiences campaigning at the last Super Saturday.

Scots Asians for Yes EdinburghlandscapeAll systems are go!

Manmoham Tagore and N N Riaz



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