As the pro-indy voices rise in quality across the debate

As I speak to and listen to people in our communities throughout Scotland, one message I walk away with is that the time is ripe, and its time for change.

gs4 As Jonathon Shafi of the Radical Independence Campaign has said ” Another Scotland is Possible’ and its a message we embrace wholeheartedly. Where our authors have spoken about their deep disillusionment at how Westminster continues to ignore the wishes of the Scottish people and are dismissive of our views and opinions. As many have said previously and reiterated by Irfan Rabbani “This has to change”. irfanrabbani (1)


Another author Wasim Mahmood discusses the ‘ailing’ attempts of Westminster to preserve the Union are not for the benefit of the Scottish people but more to preserve its own grip on power and its outdated mode of politics. When we have politicians emerging taking the family and society centred view to build communities rather than engage in building and sheltering weapons of mass destruction and illegal wars. Why would any government (500 miles away) wish to renew weapons of mass destruction at a cost of £250 billion pounds 30 miles outside a city with the largest population in Scotland?  Could we even think of such an atrocity being built 30 miles outside of London?

SAM_1743In times of austerity, where there has been an exponential increase in poverty leading to foodbanks opening across the country, how can such an obscene amount of money be used for weapons but not to eradicate the causes of poverty?  Its these excesses of taxes spent in areas over which we have no control that we have questioned long enough and been ignored. It makes perfect sense that we feel we can make better decisions for ourselves as a nation and live in a country with a government that reflects our wishes. As many of our authors have said over the months and which we all hold onto strongly and articulated well by Sohail Haque

“No matter what race, religion and creed we are, I believe that the independence vote will be the single most revolutionary moment of our lives, a vote I believe that will allow us to build a better Scotland for us and future generations to come. ”


NN Riaz


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