Positive #Yes on 8 out of 10 doorsteps #result

Today was a glorious day full of sunshine, warmth, laughter and teamwork, as we canvassed across Maryhill and Springburn.


We spoke to families as the men washed and waxed their vehicles, and children played on their bicycles, going round and round in circles, and the women popped out intermittently to see what their children and menfolk were up to.

Each household we visited succumbed after hearing the positive case for an independent Scotland, with one household giving us all SEVEN of their votes! 20140420_131021

We are very privileged to have such talented individuals in our midst who represent us in political office and are working so hard to get the message out to as many people as possible.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Yes Maryhill and Springburn’s Andrew Baddon, who was very kind to prepare the canvass materials for the session today.

Looking forward to our next canvass next Sunday 27 April over in Pollok.


N N Riaz



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2 responses to “Positive #Yes on 8 out of 10 doorsteps #result

  1. Liam

    Hope that 7 strong household doesn’t change their mind! All the best for pollok.

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