SAFY Edinburgh Launch and upcoming SAFY Canvassing

20140414_185845[1]This has been a busy week for Scots Asians for Yes, and it will get busier still as more and more people get involved in arguing the positive case for an independent Scotland.

As we talk on the doorsteps, with regular canvassing across Glasgow and Edinburgh, more and more folk, men, women and our young people are getting convinced.


This Monday we were invited to South Leith Parish Halls in Edinburgh to launch the Scots Asians for Yes Edinburgh branch by YesLeith and YesNorthLeith campaigns. A few pictures where taken and can be viewed on the SAFY facebook page.

It was a great event, enjoyed by all who attended. The panel of speakers were phenomenal, with Jonathon Shafi from the Radical Independence Campaign and Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh,the SNP Euro Parliamentary candidate and Assad Khan a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament discussing what independence meant to them and how it will benefit the citizens that live and work in Scotland.



This Sunday 20 April, from 1-3pm, we will be canvassing in Maryhill and Springburn. We will be joined by Humza Yousaf MSP, Minister for International Development and External Affairs, and Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, the SNP European Parliamentary Candidate, our local councillors, and many more activists from across the pro-independence spectrum. We look forward to campaigning alongside you.


Wishing everyone celebrating Easter, a very happy Easter from Scots Asians for Yes.


N N Riaz


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