#DoorstepConversations with SAFY & YesAnniesland

Today was incredibly cold and windy on the other side of the Clyde Tunnel as can be seen by the heavy winter clothing most of us are wearing. The clock goes forward tomorrow and we welcome back longer days, hopefully with a bit more warmth and sunshine please.  The weather is a bit like Westminster at the moment – all over the place!

Over at Anniesland Cross, we met some members of the Yes Anniesland team and we were delighted at how well we all worked together over the following few hours of canvassing.


This is also a great opportunity to say a huge thank you to Jim Boylan and his team for setting up the canvassing event for us today.

It was a great way for us all to meet and share stories and inspire each other on this rather grey day. We were joined by Minister for External Affairs and International Development Humza Yousaf MSP and Tasmina Sheikh, SNP European Parliamentary Candidate.


We were also joined by Councillor Shabbar Jaffri, Elias Kasha from the Radical Independence Campaign, Councillor Jahanghir Hanif, SAFI Convenor Mr Majid and Ghazala Ahmad and many more activists joined us as we canvassed across the area.


As we canvassed over the next few hours, we all learnt a little more about each other, our backgrounds and why we felt so passionate about having the right to self determination. We were joined by the SNP Convenor Dr Margaret Malcolm and to be honest it was very interesting discussing different strategies, and  refreshing to share tips and good practise.

safy anniesland

As we knocked on doors across Anniesland and we shared our vision of why independence was so important, especially to those that answered the door and said an outright no and wanted to stay in the Union – the change in their perception and understanding of what it was that they wished to be a part of changed as they listened and asked questions – and changed radically to wanting to be in charge of their OWN decisions. They wanted to retain the devolved powers and the universal benefits which are for all the citizens of Scotland. They said YES to an independent Scotland, and an even bigger YES to the opportunities it will potentially provide through business, and developing our own national departments to account for Scottish citizens. A Scottish DVLA, a Scottish Department for International Development, invigorating our civil service and creating new jobs and services for our needs and purpose.


We are talking about your future, the future of our children, young people, our elderly, our families, friends and OUR communities. Its time to get involved in the conversations around a momentous historical decision which we will be making this 18 September.


N N Riaz


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