With 6 months to go, why the only way forward is independence!

We live in exciting times! For once in my lifetime I will vote for how I want my country to be governed (by the people who live here), with more control over how I wish my taxes to be distributed and invested upon achieving independence – to give us all universal benefits which will  equalise some of the inequalities we have faced under a Westminster rule.


Watching the arguments from the Better Together side disintegrate upon further inquiry shows that we are on our way to a positive result in September. When half truths and no truths are unveiled as can be seen in this video, it shows the lengths that the Better Together side will fall to, to scare those who are undecided. In this particular case it was a resounding fail!


Driving and walking through Glasgow and seeing the billboards visualising our message is inspirational in itself. Change is coming! When we decide to come together as communities, as groups and work towards a more progressive society based on an ethos of respect and dignity for ALL, we can accomplish so much.


Through Yes Scotland, there has been the growth of so many grass root campaigns to get the pro-indy message to people within their homes, businesses, schools and universities.

Glasgow City-20130126-00455

Through Scots Asians for Yes, we are mobilising the whole community to start taking the information from both sides of the argument and tell us what they are concerned about.

We have amazing role models in our community who represent us on the wider platform from Humza Yousaf, Tasmina Sheikh, Irfan Rabbani, Aamer Anwar, Suki Sangha, Hardeep Kohli, Shabbar Jaffri, Jonathan Shafi, Elias Kasha, Sohail Haque, Abdul Majid, Tahir Mohammed , Jahanghir Hanif, Wasim Mahmood, Assad Khan and Ghazala Ahmed to name only a few of the many voices emerging in the debate.

Come join us in this conversation of a lifetime!  Join us at our canvassing events and debates. Listen to what many of our members are saying. Ordinary people discussing what independence means to them around the dinner table as in my family, to what devolution has achieved for Scotland and how independence will embed those values into every day life post 18 September by Tahir Mohammed and Wasim Mahmood.

As I keep saying – how cool are the stories going to be when the grand kids hear that their gran was part of the peaceful democratic campaign for a fairer, more equal and independent Scotland.

N N Riaz


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