Scots Asian Women delivering the message for an independent Scotland


As women who are actively engaged in speaking to everyone, especially women and young people, the depth and breadth of Scotland, it is encouraging to see such amazing role models in our midst such as Suki Sangha emerging on the public platform fighting with many others for and as the ‘voice’ of those who have been silenced by Westminster and its destructive policies over the last few decades through the annihilation of industry and a means to a livelihood.


We have shown that as women we fully support the independence of Scotland as it allows us to take responsibility for our own affairs.


Upon independence there will be no excuse for governments to blame each other, allowing us the people of Scotland to be given greater accountability by the people we chose to govern us at Holyrood.


No more excuses on who holds what lever to help the people in Scotland because finally we will have full control. Independence allows us more clarity on the decisions which will be made on our behalf by our representatives.

Irrespective of where we have come from, it is where we are going together as women for independence and gathering support along the way which is of prime importance. Unity in the fact that we all wish for a more socially just, equitable and equal Scotland for all who live and work here.

N N Riaz




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