Results from FOSIS debate shows a massive increase to YES

Well done to FOSIS Scotland for organising a debate which was both informative and civilised and kept in check with bouts of humour from the chair Naeem Raza who moved the debate along fluidly so it did not become bogged down with rhetoric. Representing the ‘no’ side to the independence debate were Anas Sarwar MP and Shabana Naz, with ‘yes’ having Humza Yousaf MSP and Yvonne Ridley.

It was interesting in that there were two sets of vote counts. The first as we entered the hall,to set as a marker to find out which side of the debate we agreed with,  the second to find out if our views had changed or been swayed by the debate one way or other.strathuni

The results from the first vote count

52% yes

41% no

7% undecided

The results from the second vote count

68% yes (+16%)

28% no (-13%)

4% undecided (-3%)

This is a clear indication that when people are given information in a clear way they chose to vote for an independent country.

This builds on the results we received from a Radio Awaz poll carried out last month which showed 64% would vote for an independent country. This has now increased to 68% for a yes to independence.

N N Riaz


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