An #indyref evening round the dinner table

Last night I had visitors from Huddersfield and midst the conversation they started Gusto1asking if they would need a passport next time they visited when Scotland became independent…. They had no idea that they had entered a pro-independence household! As I was busy playing hostess, to my surprise – actually I was gob smacked to put it mildly, my husband started telling them about how different Scotland was from the rest of the UK, and how the Scottish Government sees its citizens from young to old as people as its most important resource. How the ethos of looking after its citizens, its nation, investing in the NHS, free prescriptions, care for the elderly, free higher education, and more investment in childcare to allow parents to re-enter the work force was encouraged – and that was as a devolved nation. What more could we accomplish with the saving of £50 million for no longer funding Westminster and a further £50 million for removing trident from our shores. Leaving us with a £100 million we could invest in our communities and job creation. To reduce child poverty.

It took me over a year to get him to sign the declaration for Independence, as he 167008_10150129772593767_5199087_nwanted to be sure that was the right decision for him, his family and the country.

I think I have to count that as one of my proudest moments! Who says husbands switch off when their wives are talking got it totally wrong in this case. It shows how powerful conversations are, and when done properly allow a positive contribution to the debate.

At the end of the evening, the guests turned round to each other and asked why they didn’t have the same universal benefits we enjoyed in Scotland.  To me, that was a result as they will visit other folk and the discussion will continue and give them food for thought.

N N Riaz


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