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“We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns”, and we want a society where that is the basis of our government, not an uncomfortable truth.

I received this comment earlier on today to Wasim Mahmood’s article, and the more I read it, the more I felt it had to be shared
writingmore widely. Thank you Aileen Mitchell Stewart for such a considered reply.

“Excellent article, passionate but considered and well argued. As a non-Asian Scot I am delighted that so many in our Asian community will be voting ‘Yes’ to help re-create an independent nation in which of all her people, of whatever ethnic origin, will have the chance to create a much fairer society directed by the needs and values of it’s own citizens, not those, so very different from our own, that dominate the South East of England, whose sheer numerical dominance will always also dominate Westminster simply by returning the largest number of MPs.

By all means let England’s South Eastern constituencies return MPs to press for what they see as their needs, but we in Scotland, where our values and aspirations are so very different, need our independence to forge the kind of society where the needs of all it’s citizens are paramount, and which is not distorted by the financial manoeuvrings of a super-rich minority, bent on its own selfish ends.

We in Scotland are fortunate in having a history and culture in which the needs and hopes of each individual are respected, and where egalitarian values — in marked contrast to the South of England — have always been strong, and are proud that so many people originally from so many other nations and cultures have come to see Scotland as their home, sharing and strengthening those values. As the old saying has it, “We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns”, and we want a society where that is the basis of our government, not an uncomfortable truth.  Whether our names and our families originated in Ireland or Pakistan, Italy or Poland, India or Lithuania, or whether our family name proclaims that we have never strayed far from the lands of our clan, we all have one very important thing in common: we’re all Scots. We need an independent government that serves our needs as Scots, not one in which, at best, our nation is an afterthought in the laws and practices determined for us and imposed upon us for us by a Southern English-dominated Westminster.”

Aileen Mitchell Stewart



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#DoorstepConversations with SAFY & YesAnniesland

Today was incredibly cold and windy on the other side of the Clyde Tunnel as can be seen by the heavy winter clothing most of us are wearing. The clock goes forward tomorrow and we welcome back longer days, hopefully with a bit more warmth and sunshine please.  The weather is a bit like Westminster at the moment – all over the place!

Over at Anniesland Cross, we met some members of the Yes Anniesland team and we were delighted at how well we all worked together over the following few hours of canvassing.


This is also a great opportunity to say a huge thank you to Jim Boylan and his team for setting up the canvassing event for us today.

It was a great way for us all to meet and share stories and inspire each other on this rather grey day. We were joined by Minister for External Affairs and International Development Humza Yousaf MSP and Tasmina Sheikh, SNP European Parliamentary Candidate.


We were also joined by Councillor Shabbar Jaffri, Elias Kasha from the Radical Independence Campaign, Councillor Jahanghir Hanif, SAFI Convenor Mr Majid and Ghazala Ahmad and many more activists joined us as we canvassed across the area.


As we canvassed over the next few hours, we all learnt a little more about each other, our backgrounds and why we felt so passionate about having the right to self determination. We were joined by the SNP Convenor Dr Margaret Malcolm and to be honest it was very interesting discussing different strategies, and  refreshing to share tips and good practise.

safy anniesland

As we knocked on doors across Anniesland and we shared our vision of why independence was so important, especially to those that answered the door and said an outright no and wanted to stay in the Union – the change in their perception and understanding of what it was that they wished to be a part of changed as they listened and asked questions – and changed radically to wanting to be in charge of their OWN decisions. They wanted to retain the devolved powers and the universal benefits which are for all the citizens of Scotland. They said YES to an independent Scotland, and an even bigger YES to the opportunities it will potentially provide through business, and developing our own national departments to account for Scottish citizens. A Scottish DVLA, a Scottish Department for International Development, invigorating our civil service and creating new jobs and services for our needs and purpose.


We are talking about your future, the future of our children, young people, our elderly, our families, friends and OUR communities. Its time to get involved in the conversations around a momentous historical decision which we will be making this 18 September.


N N Riaz

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Glasgow Skeptics debate shows another upward trend for independence

In a debate organised by Glasgow Skeptics this Monday 24 March 2014, the results again showed the upward trend for a Yes vote.

Before – Yes 77% v 23% No Undecideds 19.9%
After –    Yes 85% v 15% No
  Undecideds 12.6%

Many people were turned away as the venue at the Mitchell Theatre had reached its capacity audience.


The debate was chaired by Dr Neil McGarvey of the University of Strathclyde. Neil is an expert in Scottish Politics and Local Government, and is co-author of “the leading textbook on Scottish Politics”.

The Yes Side was represented by TWO Scots Asians for Yes members, Jonathon Shafi from the Radical Independence Campaign, and Tasmina Sheikh, the SNP EU Parliamentary Candidate and Yes Scotland advisory board member, as well as Patrick Harvie MSP, the co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party.




The Better Together side was represented by  Jackson Carlaw MSP, Deputy Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Jackie Ballie MSP, Better Together Director & Scottish Labour Party’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health, and Willie Rennie MSP, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

gs5Feedback about the debate can be read on the Glasgow Skeptics facebook page. Photographs courtesy of Glasgow Skeptics

The results speak for themselves.

N N Riaz

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How can I play my part in Scotland’s Future?

The Independence Referendum is less than 6 months away and Yes campaign is building its momentum.Every day we hear more and more people are joining Yes.

All of us have commitments, some have more than others, for example myself, I have a young family, fulltime job and also I help my family at the weekends.Not only that I am Yes Ambassador and Secretary for local Community Council and also Members of few community groups but I still manage to take time out.

I am out 3 days a week with my team leafleting and canvassing.People say to me how I manage all this, my answer is I am very passionate about Scottish Independence and September the 18th is always on my mind.  I don’t want to wake up on September the 19th 2014 and say I wish I had done more.So I am giving my best shot now, our future is in our hands.

I tweeted last night #YesFlash Become a ‘Yes’ Ambassador and equip yourself with the knowledge you need and this morning I got up and saw a reply from someone on my twitter saying that “This is great idea.Hope thousands take it up Far
too old myself but do what I can Vote Yes”.

Friends everyone can play their part, regardless your age, the amount of time you can have or commitments you have, all you have to do is decide that you are going to play your part in Scotland’s Future.It’s not about our future, it’s the future of our coming generations.

Let’s play our part for the sake of our coming generations.It’s NOW or NEVER.

Here is what one can do:

Deliver leaflets

You can do this by contacting your local Yes Ambassador.If you don’t know who your Yes Ambassador is contact Yes Scotland on Tel 0141 221 4767 or email them at Email: and they will give you the details of your local Yes Ambassador.

There are set dates in each area for delivering leaflets or you can deliver in your own time.


Again you can do this by contacting your local Yes Ambassador.You can do this as a part of the team or on your own in your area in your own time.If you have not done he canvassing before, then your local Yes Ambassador or Yes Scotland are happy to provide the training.

Data Entry

You can enter canvassing data in Yesmo.You can get the canvass sheets from your local Yes Ambassador and start entering the data into Yesmo database.Yes Scotland will give you training on how to enter data in Yesmo.

Fold Leaflets/Newspapers

If you are unable to come out for some reason and still would like to help, you can help by folding leaflets/newspapers for leaflet/newspaper runs.

Campaign on Social Media

Social Media is very powerful and you can reach 1000s of people within minutes.You can promote Scottish Independence on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many other sites).You can also visit the website and share the articles from there.

Telephone Canvassing

You can use Yesmo for telephone canvassing.You can contact people from the comfort of your own home and play your part.

Train & Bus Stations

You can distribute leaflets on train and bus stations.Contact your local Ambassador and he/she will provide you the material to distribute at the train or bus stations.

Talk to people

Talk to people in your social circle, family and, friends ask them about their thoughts on Scotland’s Future and order information from Yes Scotland or Scottish Government and pass on to them.

Make a donation

And finally if you can’t do any of the above and if you can afford then please do donate money for Yes Campaign.

Please make a donation today.

Here is what your donation can pay for:

£35 Funds a street stall for a day

£55 Pays for volunteers to leaflet their neighbourhood

£110 Organises a public meeting for undecideds

£250 Buys Yes Scotland advertising – in newspapers and online

£500 Gives Yes Scotland another billboard poster

To donate visit:

 Please note every penny counts.

Remember: Scotland future is in Scotland hands

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Should Scotland be an Independent Country?

Should Scotland be an Independent Country Debate

7-9.30 pm, 24 March

Mitchell Theatre, 6 Granville Street, Glasgow, G3 7EE

Open to all, free of charge. Organised by Glasgow Skeptics, a grassroots-not-for-profit organisation committed to promoting understanding, critical thinking, and freedom of expression.

Debating the question will be:

* Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, Yes Scotland Advisory Board Member & SNP MEP Candidate
* Patrick Harvie MSP, co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party
* Jonathon Shafi, Radical Independence Campaign

* Jackson Carlaw MSP, Deputy Leader of the Scottish Conservatives
* Jackie Ballie MSP, Scottish Labour Party, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health
* Willie Rennie MSP, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats

Chairing the debate will be Dr Neil McGarvey of the University of Strathclyde. Neil is an expert in Scottish Politics and Local Government, and is co-author of “the leading textbook on Scottish Politics”.

– – –
Doors open at 19:00
Start: 19:30
First come, first seated.

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‘The Right to Decide: A Democratic Right’ Tasmina Sheikh

Tasmina Sheikh is the SNP European Parliamentary Candidate. Here she is speaking on the history of Scotland and the opportunity to create an open, aspirational society through independence, at the European Free Alliance Conference.

N N Riaz

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by | March 23, 2014 · 10:52 pm

With 6 months to go, why the only way forward is independence!

We live in exciting times! For once in my lifetime I will vote for how I want my country to be governed (by the people who live here), with more control over how I wish my taxes to be distributed and invested upon achieving independence – to give us all universal benefits which will  equalise some of the inequalities we have faced under a Westminster rule.


Watching the arguments from the Better Together side disintegrate upon further inquiry shows that we are on our way to a positive result in September. When half truths and no truths are unveiled as can be seen in this video, it shows the lengths that the Better Together side will fall to, to scare those who are undecided. In this particular case it was a resounding fail!


Driving and walking through Glasgow and seeing the billboards visualising our message is inspirational in itself. Change is coming! When we decide to come together as communities, as groups and work towards a more progressive society based on an ethos of respect and dignity for ALL, we can accomplish so much.


Through Yes Scotland, there has been the growth of so many grass root campaigns to get the pro-indy message to people within their homes, businesses, schools and universities.

Glasgow City-20130126-00455

Through Scots Asians for Yes, we are mobilising the whole community to start taking the information from both sides of the argument and tell us what they are concerned about.

We have amazing role models in our community who represent us on the wider platform from Humza Yousaf, Tasmina Sheikh, Irfan Rabbani, Aamer Anwar, Suki Sangha, Hardeep Kohli, Shabbar Jaffri, Jonathan Shafi, Elias Kasha, Sohail Haque, Abdul Majid, Tahir Mohammed , Jahanghir Hanif, Wasim Mahmood, Assad Khan and Ghazala Ahmed to name only a few of the many voices emerging in the debate.

Come join us in this conversation of a lifetime!  Join us at our canvassing events and debates. Listen to what many of our members are saying. Ordinary people discussing what independence means to them around the dinner table as in my family, to what devolution has achieved for Scotland and how independence will embed those values into every day life post 18 September by Tahir Mohammed and Wasim Mahmood.

As I keep saying – how cool are the stories going to be when the grand kids hear that their gran was part of the peaceful democratic campaign for a fairer, more equal and independent Scotland.

N N Riaz

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