“An opportunity never knocks twice” Cllr Imtiaz Majid

An opportunity never knocks twice

By Councillor Imtiaz Majid

On the 18th of September 2014 we have a PEACEFUL opportunity to exercise our democratic right and vote on the question of “should Scotland be an independent country” and the result of this referendum will be respected and be legally binding.imtiazmajid

It is imperative that everyone engages in this process and comes to an informed decision as to the which way they will vote.

Personally I am totally convinced that Scotland should be an independent country. I have no doubt that as an independent country we will be more healthier, prosperous and be a more equal and just society.

We cannot let this once in a lifetime opportunity to improve our future, the future of our family, children, grand children and future generations to pass us by.

We are ready to sacrifice ourselves in a blink of an eye for our loved ones, so we should at least take the time and make the effort to listen to the arguments and debates regarding the referendum.

I can positively say that once you hear the perfectly logical and viable propositions of the YES side and the negative and fear producing arguments which have no real basis of the no side, you will like me be convinced to vote YES.

I would like to leave you with thought provoking question. Who is more better qualified to look after you and your family’s interests?

NN Riaz


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