The indyref battle for the Scottish Asian vote: 64% say YES

In an article printed today in the Sunday Herald by Judith Duffy  has clearly indicated that the Scottish Asian voter is in favour of independence.

A poll by Scotland’s leading Asian radio station has found nearly two-thirds of listeners are in favour of independence.

The Awaz FM poll showed 64% of listeners would vote Yes, while 32% were against the idea of breaking up the United Kingdom.

Grass root campaigning has been on going by Scots Asians for Independence for Yes for several months with us putting our case forward at street stalls, multicultural events, organising public events, leafletting and canvassing. We are very pleased with the result of the poll where the results were shared 7 February on the AWAZ FM facebook page 

We look forward to working even harder over the following months to ensure that we are engaging fully with the community and society at large.

A big thank you to our SAFI4YES Ambassadors for being such passionate advocates and creating the space for dialogue to occur and most importantly show that we are actively listening to the concerns of the community.

Special thanks to Humza Yousaf, Tasmina Sheikh, Shab Jaffri, Aamer Anwar, Jonathon Shafi, Suki Sangha, Sohail Haque, Irfan Rabbani, Ghazala Ahmed,Tahir Mohammed and Abdul Majid who have worked tirelessly alongside many others, working for an independent Scotland.

NN Riaz


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