‘We can save billions by getting rid of nuclear weapons’ Sohail Haque, Labour for Independence

More and more Scots Asians are coming forward in the independence debate to voice why they believe in an independent Scotland.

Sohail is a Scottish based  political activist ( a member of Labour for Independence) campaigning and working with grassroots movements on issues ranging from war / military intervention and human rights. Below are some of  the views which he shared with us earlier today.521509_480297162009185_901341840_n

“Only through independence can we challenge the poverty that has left the UK one of the most unequal countries in the developed world and build a stable and peaceful Scotland through the principles and values of international law and multilateralism so that we don’t embark upon illegal wars and interventions. Through Independence we can save billions by getting rid of the nuclear weapons of mass destruction and invest into tackling the shameful poverty that has been allowed to continue under Westminster rule. No matter what race, religion and creed we are, I believe that the independence vote will be the single most revolutionary moment of our lives, a vote I believe that will allow us to build a better Scotland for us and future generations to come. ”

We at Scots Asians for Yes look forward to more voices being seen and heard over the coming months.


Sohail can be contacted  by
Tel : 07720636906


NN Riaz


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