Independence is about more than changing flags- Jonathon Shafi, RIC

Image‘Independence is about more than changing flags. It is about the sort of society and democracy we want to develop. Unlike the decades of Westminster rule that have entrenched the privilege of a tiny minority, we can start to create an economy where our resources are used in common, where Trident is scrapped and the money invested into our services and where our most vulnerable are protected instead of demonised. Voting Yes is saying no to the Westminsters wars and no to the Etonians who run UK PLC. Let’s not waste this chance to reject an establishment who are intent on the wholesale privatisation of our society, and look forward to shaping a socially just future together. We can put the NHS, free education, peace, equality and anti-racism at the heart of an independent scotland. Voting Yes can be the start of putting all of us first.’


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