Could this be the year of the Scots Asian Woman?

The Independence Referendum has encouraged more women to come forward to voice their narratives around how they wish to see the future of Scotland  – whether that is a democratic future based on independence or one which holds tightly onto the Union status quo.

What I have particularly found is the rise of the Scots Asian Woman who fiercely protects her narrative of her vision of Scotland.

I have been privileged to be around such women and I am energised by their passion and  articulation of their argument.   They are some of the most capable women I know – running families, businesses,  undertaking youth and voluntary work and politics.

These are up and coming women in the independence debate – powerful, strong, feisty, are just some of the adjectives I will use to describe them.

Names to watch over the coming months are Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, a lawyer, a SNP MEP candidate for the European elections, Suki Sangha, a high profile activist in the Radical Independence Campaign and a youth worker; Talat Yaqoob, who is a leading activist, campaigner, researcher, feminist writer and is a firm believer that Scotland should stay part of the Union.

What all three women have demonstrated is the passion for the country we call home – Scotland. I and I am sure others will look forward to more robust debate over the coming months.

By NN Riaz


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