Scots Asians in the Scottish Independence debate

Scots Asians for Independence for Yes has a wide range of members affiliated to political parties and individuals aligned to none. They all share one vision – that of an independent Scotland, where we the citizens of Scotland choose how we wish to be governed and to be fully in control of all the powers that all independent nations possess. We have members from Labour for Independence – Sohail Haque, Radical Independence Campaign – Suki Sangha, Jonathan Shafi, Elias Kasha and Aamer Anwar who is non-party.

These are just a few of the high profile members who are Scottish and Asian, who are actively working  and debating on various platforms from public meetings, tv, radio and taking the message to the doorstep through canvassing and leafleting.

We are passionate about the type of future we want, where we succeed and flourish as an independent nation in charge of our own democratic future.

We will be publishing their stories over the coming months.  By working together we can accomplish our vision of a fairer and more equal Scotland.

N N Riaz


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