YES, NO, UNSURE? Scots Asians for YES debate Labour’s Diversity


Welcome to what we hope is the first of many debates tackling our perspectives on Scotland

Carrying on with the theme of YES, NO, UNSURE, Scots Asians for Independence for Yes are pleased to announce a debate with the Labour Party’s Diversity group on what Independence means to the people of Scotland.

yesRepresenting Scots Asians for Yes are Tasmina Sheikh, lawyer, MEP Candidate for Europe 2014 and Yes Scotland Advisory Board member, with Aamer Anwar, human rights lawyer, activist and media spokesperson for Scots Asians for Yes and Yes Scotland.


Representing the Labour Party’s Diversity group as part of the larger Better Together campaign are Shiraz Ahmed, businessman and media spokesperson, with Talat Yaqoob, a feminist writer.

TIME: 7 pm

DATE: 4 October 2013

VENUE: 49 Forth Street, Pollokshields, Glasgow

entry fee: £1 which is to be donated to the U Care Foundation.

Looking forward to seeing you next Friday

For more details about Yes Scotland and SAFI4Yes please contact Nighet Riaz @nnriaz on twitter or by email

Better Together and Diversity for Labour Shiraz Ahmed @helloshiraz and email at


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