Scots Asians for Independence for YES Launch

safyposter-page-001We are very excited to present our panel of high calibre speakers and experts in their fields around the topic of independence. As Scots Asians for Independence for YES, we would like to welcome you to our launch event next Sunday at 6pm, 22 September at Langside Halls, Glasgow.

In our esteemed panel of experts, we have Humza Yousaf a Scottish Government Minister for International Development; Tasmina Sheikh, Lawyer and SNP MEP Candidate; Gordon McIntyre Kemp from Business for Scotland; Suki Sangha from Radical Independence, Sohail Haq representing Labour for Independence and Councillor Yen Jin . 

Looking forward to seeing you there. For further contact details, contact Tahir Mohammed: or Nighet Riaz :




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2 responses to “Scots Asians for Independence for YES Launch

  1. I hope it went well on the night. You had a very strong panel. What were the numbers like and roughly how many people signed up at this stage? Good luck with your campaign. I lived and travelled in SE Asia for around 6 years, based in Bangkok but went everywhere from Northern Thailand to Sri Lanka. Loved it – didn’t make it to India or Pakistan unfortunately.

    • Thank you Brian

      It was a really good evening with well over 100 folk there from all backgrounds, asking lots of pertinent questions. The panel was excellent at getting the message out there and having a few question and answer sessions during the event was a great idea. Hope to see you at future meetings. Thanks for the support!

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