Allison Hunter – A mentor and an inspiration

We receive this news with great sadness that our dear Friend Cllr Allison Hunter has passed away after being ill for a long time. On Behalf of Scots Asians for Independence our deepest condolences to Allison Hunter’s Family and her loved ones, we pray that God grants them the courage and patience to bear this great loss.

Allison Hunter

The death of Allison Hunter is not just a loss for the family but, for people of Scotland, she mentored and trained and inspired thousands of activists in which her role was pivotal in betterment of organisational and campaigning capacity of the SNP as a National Organiser.




AMThere are no words to describe the dedication and the passion that Cllr Allison Hunter portrayed which inspired everyone around her. Someone will come and fill in the position of a Cllr but no one can replace this wonderful Human Being who dedicated her life and soul for a Brighter future for people of Scotland. With passage of time she will remain a loving memory and an inspiration for coming generations.

Abdul Majid

Convenor: Scots Asians for Independence

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