The end of a political union is ALL we are asking for.

The ongoing use of fear tactics by the Better Together campaign is beginning nnr3to worry me in terms of being from an ethnic background by its continuing use of the race card. A party that I once thought of as leaders in policy based on integration and inclusion of all members of society. How low they have fallen.

Margaret Curran’s stint on GMS this morning has emphasised and exacerbated the route that they have chosen – with a strategy based on fear and ignorance. They don’t even have the decency to share the correct information,which is out dated and based on myths rather than fact.Causing disquiet amongst communities, cultures and different faiths. Give the people of Scotland, especially those that wish to make an educated choice the correct information, engage in dignified conversations and debate rather than point scoring. Give the people of Scotland the respect they deserve. And please- don’t patronise us with the line that you don’t think Scotland is not too poor, too wee or too stupid to be independent and then use every other statement to prove that is exactly how the Better Together campaign see us. The shame of it is that Labour is now a bedfellow with the Conservatives and instead of looking at what is best for the people of Scotland is more interested in what is better for them and the salaries they may have to forgo once independence is won.

Nighet Nasim Riaz


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One response to “The end of a political union is ALL we are asking for.

  1. Robert Craig

    Excellent post Nighet – you hit the nail on the head as far as the Better Together strategy and tactics are concerned, alongside the real incentive of what continued membership of the UK means to them – money in their pockets!

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