Deepest condolences on the loss of loved ones R.I.P. Lee Rigby

As a Muslim woman, who is a wife, and mother, the loss of life irrespective of geography, ethnicity, religion is always sad in passing, even more so when it is lost tragically in illegal wars or  when simply crossing the road, minding your own business. I despair at the motives of those that carry out such atrocities, be they individuals or governments.

We live in an age where there should be a more humanitarian society – it is the basic message of every religion out there. There is no lack of information, the contrary I would say.

When people label themselves or are labelled by society or media as radicals or fundamentalists, it is very hard on the rest of that community who share the same religion to be labelled by association. It gives those that need a reason to justify why we should not be here to incite racial and religious hatred and parties such as UKIP and EDL/SDL to grow in membership.

My religion is a beautiful one, based on peace. I cannot understand or condone a version which has been contorted out of context to justify murder. How could you ever justify murder irrespective of any label, any context. What is wrong is wrong.

As a peace loving citizen in Scotland, I have always abhorred violence of any nature whether it be mental, emotional or physical. It is not acceptable in my religion or how I chose to live my life.

My deepest condolences to the Rigby family and friends for losing their son in such a horrendous and tragic way.

My even deeper condolences to those that die through illegal wars on a daily basis and have no one to highlight how they died. They are nothing but a statistic. They will not have media coverage, no one will even know their name.

These are the personal views of Nighet Nasim Riaz


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