Scots Asians For Independence Event

A very successful fundraising event took place at the Kabana Function Suite, Seaward Street, Glasgow on Sunday evening. We had safyexcellent speakers and great food. It was organised by Mr Majid, the convenor of Scots Asians For Independence in conjunction with Yes Scotland.

There were over 300 guests from all over Scotland who came together to hear how important it was that we all engage in open discussions on how independence can benefit us on every level of society, from families, communities, businesses, education, healthcare and welfare.

People from Africa, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Eastern Europe, Iraq, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, from all religious backgrounds and none came together to listen to Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, Denis Canavan, Tasmina Sheikh and Humza Yousaf.
humzatasWe had a film crew from the European channel ARTE who filmed the event and loved the vibe of having so many different communities and cultures under one roof, all discussing the one subject – independence. When the film team arrived in Scotland 2 weeks earlier they had been sceptical but they spend the time talking to people on both sides of the debate and in the end they left convinced that for Scotland to be independent was the only choice to allow our country to succeed and flourish. 

Picture of Minister for International Development and External Affairs with Yes Advisory Board member and SNP European candidate Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh.


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