17 year old Elysee Sheikh on why Independence matters

‘’My name is Elysee Ahmed-Sheikh. I am 17 years old, was born in Glasgow, and have lived here all my life with my little brother and two elyseesheikh little sisters.
I am a sixth year school pupil, hoping to study medicine in Scotland.

I’m voting Yes because I have grown up witnessing the benefits to my country, of having powers in Edinburgh,  to make decisions best suited to the specific needs and aspirations of us young Scots. As a prospective medic, I know that health and social needs in Scotland are unique and I believe, these needs are best addressed when we have the full set of powers necessary to legislate for our future. Becoming independent best reflects my ambitions for Scotland, as a young woman. As I embark upon entering a caring profession, I feel safe in the knowledge that a government in an independent Scotland, will puts its people first and embrace universalism. Health care must be free at the point of need. Always. This is only safe in our own hands ”




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3 responses to “17 year old Elysee Sheikh on why Independence matters

  1. Ian Jones

    An absolute joy to read this. So aspirational for her country’s future.

  2. Robert Craig

    Couldn’t agree more Ian

  3. Yahir

    Oh yes elysee i like you and tasmina…olalal

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