The wee First Minister of Pollokshields, Makki Ahmed Tahir’s thoughts on Independence

I would like to discuss the topic of independence. If Scotland were to become independent we would not have to worry about money, SNP Annual Conference continues amidst controversy over NATOas we have firm foundations one of our biggest assets is the north sea oil & gas which is worth approximately £1 trillion and it is a safety net for the next 40 years and if we invest and save the revenue wisely we will build up a fund that will protect us for many decades to come.

Many people think Scotland’s spending is higher than anywhere else in the U.K but they fail to look at the statistics, we get approximately 9.3% of U.K spending but we also approximately make 9.6% of U.K taxes.  We make over £1,000 more tax per person than the average across the U.K.

Over each of the last six years Scotland’s finances have been stronger than the U.K and over the last 30 years we have had a relative surplus of £19 billion. Some people worry that an independent
Scotland’s debt is too much but figures released in January 2012 by city firm M&G investments show that Scotland’s debt is only 56% but the UK’s is a shocking 63% and the report said “Scotland’s starting point is better”. But oil and gas are not are only guarantees for the future. Scotland has 25% of the EU’s offshore tidal and wind energy produce, which will be worth billions every year. for our size, we have the strongest university research base in the world. We have key and growing industries including tourism, food and drink (including Irn Bru), the financial sector, engineering and life-sciences.

There are also benefits of being independent we will not have to live in England’s shadows and the people who actually live in Scotland can make decisions about their  country’s future and not leave it  down to people who do not live in Scotland and in actual fact the live in England that is not fair because we are Scottish we live in Scotland but we do not make our own decisions that is outrageous plus we did not even elect that government yet they make decisions that make an
impact on our families.  Well if Scotland was independent we could choose a government fit to run our great country and if we were to be independent we could reverse some decisions that the UK government made like the tax cut for the wealthiest in society and restore it to a higher level of tax allowance for pensioners. mat1

Being independent would mean we could benefit from our vast offshore renewable energy. We can attract businesses to Scotland and businesses already here to grow, allowing us to create more jobs. While the U.K government waste £100 billion on destructive nuclear weapons we can use our £8 billion to better our country. Being independent means a lot of different things for everybody but this being independent means to change Scotland’s destiny and make it the country we all know it
can be the choice is yours vote YES! YES! YES!



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2 responses to “The wee First Minister of Pollokshields, Makki Ahmed Tahir’s thoughts on Independence

  1. From the mouths of babes.
    Young Scots, like Makki Ahmed Tahir, deserve to be given the ability to plan and create their own future.

  2. A very well written and clear article Makki – great job!

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