Role models in our Scottish Asian Communities – The Late Bashir Ahmad, MSP

I never had the privilege of meeting Mr Ahmad, but with everyone I talked to, it is clear to see he left his mark, as they all remember him with a fondness and respect very few of us are able to gain in this lifetime. BA1

From those conversations I have walked away the richer for knowing that we had such inspirational members within our communities who did so much for us and the wider community.  Bashir sahib showed us that it can be done, and many more of us should be taking part and being responsible through every strata of the community, on a local, national and global level.

Bashir Ahmad lead the bill on making forced marriages a criminal offence in Scotland. He received praise for his humanitarian campaign for Scottish hospitals to treat the most serious casualties of Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip, particularly women and children with life-threatening burns or other wounds.

He also lead and campaigned on:

He left us with an incredible legacy. Let us play our part in helping create a Scotland he would have been proud off!

Nighet Riaz


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