A few quotes from some of our supporters for an Independent Scotland

We have a growing number of Scottish Asians who strongly believe the only way forward for Scotland to flourish and become more successful is to become independent in order to have full control of all our economic and fiscal powers and why that is so important in order to achieve our goals of independence.


“Independence will give us all the chance to help build a new nation. Our diverse communities bring with them important values and often come with an entrepreneurial spirit. There is no doubt that our black and minority ethnic Scots will continue to play an important role in an independent Scotland and continue to help us grow and move towards becoming a more prosperous nation.”

Humza Yousaf, MSP

“Let Scotland move forward to independence, let us make our own choices, drive our own successes, realise our own potential at home and on the world stage. Let the people of Scotland make the decisions by which we have to live with, whether that is on how we will manage the future of the National Health Service, how we treat the most vulnerable in society, and let us write our own definition of social justice. If we make our own choices we can decide whether to have nuclear arms or whether we wish to participate in illegal wars. Let us determine what is best for ourselves and for each other in Scotland and how we relate to the wider world on our own terms. We can only do that if we have full autonomy and the right to self-govern which all independent nations possess.”

Irfan Rabbani

“I have now lived in Scotland for 48 years, this is my home and where my loyalties lie. I want decisions that affect my children, and future grandchildren, to be made by them and the rest of the people of Scotland, not some distant Government they cannot relate to.”

Munawar Yousaf

“Decisions about Scotland should be made by the people who live here and care most about this country. That’s why I’ll be saying Yes to an independent Scotland. Without a shadow of a doubt, we are ready.”

Nighet Nasim Riaz

Many more to come. Please share with us, why you think Scotland should become an independent country. Your views are important to us.

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